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Council Rules of Procedure

Olean Common Council Standing Committees 2017

Committee of the Whole Meeting at 6:30pm with the regular Council Meeting to follow

Committee of the Whole

Members: Paul Gonzalez (Council President), Linda Witte, Kelly Andreano, Kevin Dougherty, John Crawford, Nate Smith, Brian George

Meetings: 2nd, 4th Tuesday of the month

Public Safety

Members: Paul Gonzalez (Chair), Kelly Andreano (Vice Chair), Linda Witte, Kevin Dougherty, John Crawford, Nate Smith, Brian George

Division of Youth & Recreation

Members: Linda Witte (Chair), John Crawford (Vice Chair), Brian George, Kelly Andreano, Kevin Dougherty

City Operations

Members: Nate Smith (Chair), Paul Gonzalez (Vice Chair), Kevin Dougherty, Kelly Andreano, Brian George

Strategic Planning

Members: Kelly Andreano (Chair), Brian George (Vice Chair), Linda Witte, Paul Gonzalez, Nate Smith

Finance Committee

Members: Kevin Dougherty (Chair), John Crawford (Vice Chair), Linda Witte, Kelly Andreano, Paul Gonzalez, Nate Smith, Brian George

Labor Relations Committee

Members: Brian George (Chair), Linda Witte (Vice Chair), John Crawford, Nate Smith, Paul Gonzalez