Rental Property Inspections

Rental Property Registration Application (pdf)

Property Inspection Form (pdf)

Rental Housing Inspection Program Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

The program was approved in December 2017 by the City of Olean Common Council after several public meetings and a public study session. This Local Law will be implemented starting September 1, 2018. The intent of the program is to proactively identify and inspect blighted and deteriorated housing stock that negatively affects property values and introduces public health and safety challenges to the community. The program will also inspect single family properties that are a risk of neglect due to corporate or non-owner occupied status. The program is intended to: maintain community property values, identify vacant properties that may become targets for illegal activities, and ensure rehabilitation and prevention of rental housing that does not meet applicable building and housing codes, City Municipal Code standards, or is not safe to occupy.

Community requests focused on improved multi-family property rental standards, property owner accountability for the deterioration of corporate owned foreclosures and an increased focus on problems with rentals of non-owner occupied single family homes. Research also noted a drastic increase in staff response to foreclosed multi-family residential properties and single family non-owner occupied rental properties that suffer from neglect during economic crisis. The $60.00 per unit rental inspection fees are used to compensate for the cost of staff labor and materials related to the inspection of properties.

Besides ensuring your property is in compliance with Federal, state, county and local codes you must register your rental property with the Code Enforcement Office by submitting the following to the City of Olean: “Landlord Registration Statement”, “Rental Property Registration Application” and payment of applicable fees to the City of Olean Clerk’s Office.

All housing in New York is mandated to abide by the International Codes. This Code established minimum standards for both owner and renter occupied housing units. Additionally, the City of Olean, like most other jurisdictions, also enforces other Federal, state, county and local code adopted by the Municipality which pertains to housing. Some of these Codes include: the City of Olean Code of Ordinances, City of Olean Zoning Code and all International Codes and Supplements as per approval by the New York State Code Council.

All properties will need an inspection of the exterior envelope and interior of the unit from a Code Enforcement Officer at the change of occupancy. If no violations are noted at the initial inspection, the property owner and/or property manager will be issued a “Rental Occupancy Permit” and that no violations were noted. If the property does not meet minimum standards to occupy, a reinspection at no charge to the owner and/or manager will be scheduled within a reasonable time frame giving the owner and/or manager ample time to remedy the issue(s). Due process protections are followed in the performance of inspections and owners should note that tenants must provide consent for inspections in the absence of a court order.

If a complaint is received regarding your property or a tenant reports substandard conditions at your property outside of the rental inspection process, owners will be notified and normal inspection procedures will occur.

Please see application and a complete checklist on our website