OFD Press Release 1/20/2023 North Ninth Street Fire

City of Olean Fire Department Media Release
Structure Fire 106 North Ninth Street
January 20, 2023

This morning at 6:41 am City of Olean Firefighters were alerted to a dryer that is on fire in a residential basement at 106 North Ninth Street in West Olean.  Two engines and an ambulance with seven firefighters responded to the scene finding that all occupants were out of the building and reporting the dryer is on fire in the basement.  The interior attack crew encountered light smoke on the first floor and made access to the basement where they discovered heavy smoke and fire in the laundry area of the basement.  Crews utilized a 1 ¾” attack line and had water on the fire at 6:48 am.  Interior crews reported fire extinguished and overhaul/salvage operations began at 6:55 am. 

Estimated damage to structure is $0 and contents damaged at $3,000.  City of Olean Code Enforcement surveyed the structure and determined the home was still habitable, tenants were not displaced. The cause of the fire was determined to be electrical in nature originating from the rear of the dryer.  City of Olean Firefighters want to remind everyone to please store combustible materials away from areas on appliances that give off high heat or have a flame.  Also please be sure that wiring connection points are covered or protected.

The City of Olean Fire Department placed the Allegany and Westons Mills Fire Departments on standby at their halls.  Trans Am Ambulance Services stood by at the fire scene during fire-ground operations.  City of Olean Police controlled traffic at the scene and aided in the fire investigation.  All units cleared the scene at 7:45 am. 

Stay Safe,

Timothy Richardson
Fire Chief