Codes Fees

An application is required separately for all of the permits listed below.

  • All checks are to be made payable to "City of Olean," processed through the City Clerk's office, and returned to Codes office
  • All permit fees are determined according to the job cost, and are rounded up to the nearest thousand (unless otherwise specified)
  • No work shall commence until a permit has been issued; payment of permit fees does not constitute permission to begin work

Demolition Permit fees:

1% of project cost minimum $ 60.00

Sign Permit fees:

$ 5.00 per 1,000 (cost of sign) plus A three (3) year license fee: (no fee for refacing)

- for illuminated signs: add $ 30.00 to sign fee
- for non-illuminated signs: add $ 15.00 to sign fee
- for Billboard signs: add $ 150.00 to sign fee
- construction signs no permit is required, but certain requirements may apply, please inquire

Temp. Trailer Parking Permit fee:

- for each construction trailer $ 25.00 per month
- construction storage, circus trailers $ 50.00 for one or more trailers for each week
Moving of a building permit fee: (part/all) $ 500.00 per bldg
Storage of motor vehicle fee: $ 5.00 per month per CEO approval
Sign Installer's License fee: $ 75.00 for a 3 month license
$ 200.00 for a 1 year license
Area Variance fee: $ 150.00
Use Variance fee: $ 150.00
Sign Variance fee: $ 150.00
Special Use fee: $ 150.00
Site Plan Review fee (Residential): $ 150.00
Site Plan Review fee (Commercial): $ 450.00
Home Occupation fee: $ 75.00
Residential Safety Inspection fee: $ 60.00