What We Do

Bartlett House - What We Do

There is a constant request for information about Olean.  The requests usually are about Olean's history and the people responsible for its development.

We receive these requests by mail, from referrals from the library, school system, Olean Times Herald, Chamber of Commerce and the City itself.

We also do genealogy for people looking for relatives, prominent people and others involved in Olean's history.  We are the only source of this information and continue to update our archives to keep them current.

The Bartlett House works with the Olean School System.  We have high school history interns that learn to research local history.  The fourth graders have a course in local history.  At the end of the year they take a field trip to the Bartlett House and we augment their knowledge and review with them what they have learned.

The Bartlett House offers a place for activities for the community.  We especially are proud of our Victorian Christmas dispplay and provide a special place for Christmas parties and other special events.  There have been weddings, Victorian teas, wedding and bridal showers, and many other events held here.

Olean Point Museum displays many items that depict our local history and it is continually updated with new materials we collect.  Each time you revisit, you will see different displays.

The Bartlett Center has provided other organizations such as St. Bonaventure, Black American Center, Olean Public Library and Olean City School System with materials to organize and enhance their displays and activities.  Several local businesses have redecorated using scenes depicting Olean history that we have provided them.

The center proudly presents, preserves and protrays our rich history and provides our community with a research source to explore it.

The Bartlett Center is staffed by Olean Historic and Preservation Society volunteers who relentlessly search and compile information for the public and are available to disseminate information.

The Bartlett House has a close working relationship with St. Bonaventure.  We provide a center where student interns at the University can experience hands-on participation in serving the community with historic research. We provide a unique service that links the present to the past.  We are continually updating our archives for the benefit of our children and grandchildren and generations to come.