Sex Offender Registry

The user of this webpage understands that while the information contained herein has been verified with the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), the City of Olean makes no representation as to the specific risk posed by any individual or class of sex offenders appearing on this page. It is the intention of the City of Olean Police department to make this information readily available to its residents and for no other purpose, express or implied. The use of any information contained on this page for the purpose of threatening or harassing any individual identified as a sex offender by the DCJS may subject the user to criminal prosecution.

For questions regarding sex offenders residing in the City of Olean, please contact Sgt. Comstock by phone at (716) 376-5677.

For a complete list of registered sex offenders in New York State, go to the
New York State Sex Offender Registry

Levels of Sex Offenders
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This information has been collected from information supplied by a collaboration of the National Crime Prevention Council, the National Sheriff's Association and Radio Shack.