Brownfield Opportunity Area

The Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Grant Program, which is administered by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and the NYS Department of State, was enacted to help expedite site remediation and reuse when several polluted sites are located close together in a centralized area. Urban areas often have old industrial centers with several brownfields sites that are adjacent to or near one another. A broader plan to remediate and revitalize the whole area is usually more efficient than remediating and redeveloping each site separately. Designating a multi-brownfield redevelopment area as a Brownfield Opportunity Area should lead to more cost-effective and quicker cleanup and redevelopment of the entire area. Also, the environmental and economic needs of the community can be better served. BOA grant money and technical assistance are available to eligible local governments and community-based organizations for developing site assessments and plans for area-wide approaches to brownfields remediation.

Description taken from the NYS Website

The purpose of the Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan is to develop an area-wide revitalization plan for the northwest quadrant of the City of Olean that will provide a framework for how underutilized properties can lead to redevelopment initiatives that improve the economy and quality of life for residents and businesses. This effort is the second of three steps under the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS) Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Program. The first step was completed in 2007.