Boardman Park

Located on N. Union Street Extension, 3.59 acres. Playground equipment, paved basketball court. Playground area is smoke free.

Bradner Stadium

East State & Front Streets, 5.39 acres. Concession stand, football, and baseball field. Night lighting, seating for 4000. Rental price depends on event scheduled. Smoke free facility.

  • Rental: $250/day plus cost of staffing, lighting,etc;
    • Daytime $30 p/hr. = 1 person
    • Evening $60 p/hr. = 2 people
  • Lights $75 p/day
  • Sporting Events-User Fee - $50 p/game plus expenses
  • Restroom/Locker Room Fee $50 p/game (if Rec Center is not open)
  • Field Lined $200 p/game

Chamberlain Park (Fulton Street Park)

Located at Fulton & Adams Streets off East Henley, 0.25 acres. Playground equipment. Playground area is smoke free.

Forness Park

Located on Rowland Avenue, off East State Street, 43.06 acres.

Two regulation (#2 & 10) baseball fields, 1 with lights; 3 regulation softball fields (#1,8 & 9), 1 with lights; 3 regulation youth fields (#5 & 7). Field #6 owned by Olean Little League Inc. with concession stand. Two farm league fields (#3 & 4). Bleachers at some fields. Football field with lights (Fields #1 & 2) used by Midget Football with concession stand. Pond for fishing. Restrooms and 2 playground areas with paved parking for 225 vehicles. Two pavilions (1 with electric) available for rental Picnic tables and grills throughout park. Pavilions and playground area are smoke free.

Rental fee:

  • Pavilion 1 (with electric) $50
    (holds about 35-40 people)
  • Pavilion 2 (with electric) $50
    (holds 24-30 people)

Franchot Park

Located on Franchot Blvd, off South Union Street. 10.46 acres. Bathhouse and wading pool for children. Tennis playback wall, basketball court with night lighting, baseball field, dugouts, bleachers, 2 small softball fields, fitness trail and jogging trail. Site of the Johnny Appleseed Lane and gazebo. Two pavilions and gazebo available for rental. Playground structure, handicapped accessible. Horseshoe pits. Playground area and pavilions are smoke free.

Two pavilions available for rental:

  • Small pavilion  $55.00 (holds about 50 people, 1 electrical outlet)
  • Large pavilion  $85.00 (holds about 100 people, several electrical outlets)

***Large Pavilion has grills***
Gazebo $20.00 (take garbage with them)
Extra charge for restrooms when bathhouse not open $15.00 per hour.

Franklin-Hysol Park

Located on Franklin Avenue, 3.14 acres. Dexter/Hysol Division owns this property and is leased to the City of Olean. Haggerty softball field used for women’s play. Par 3 golf hole and playground equipment. Playground area is smoke free.

Gargoyle Park

Located at 101 Gargoyle Road, off West State Street in the Town of Allegany, 49.00 acres. Open during the summer months for rental for clambakes, festivals, company picnics, and other events that draw large crowds. Has large enclosed pavilion with gas stoves, stage, and several outdoor concession stands. Clam Stand-220 electric, Building-110 electric. Small playground area. Pavilion and playground area are smoke free.

Rental fees:

Park Rental

  • $250 Weddings/Family Events
  • $100 Security Deposit (Separate check from rental)
  • $100 Friday set-up only
  • $500 Large events - per day
  • $100 per set-up day M-F
  • $100 per tear-down day M-F

Security Deposit (large events) $200 (Separate check from rental)
* Deposit returned if trashed picked up

Groups over 300

  • Trash Disposal - Group has 30 garbage cans to fill. If exceeded – group must take garbage with them or put stickers on. Large groups must provide their own dumpster.

Homer Street Park

Located on Homer Street next to State Police Crime Lab, 1.46 acres. Small neighborhood park with playground equipment and backstop.
Staffed in summer with recreation programs for youth.

Irving Park

Located on Irving Street & South 11th Streets, right next to dikes. .2 acres.

James "App" Driscoll Polo Park

Located on River Street, off N. Union Street Extension (gain access by Elm Street Alley), 3.45 acres. Softball field, no playground equipment. Playground equipment is located at Filtration Plant close-by. Formerly called Forness Field. Playground area is smoke free.

King Street Park

Located at the corner of King & Seneca Streets, 2.38 acres. Playground area and 2 youth softball fields with bleachers. Playground area is smoke free.

Lincoln Park

Located at the corner of State & Union, 1.44 acres. Area with a gazebo for concerts during summer months. Gazebo available for rental for weddings and park available for community activities. Electric service throughout park. Monuments also in park. Gazebo is smoke free.

Rental Fees:

  • Lincoln Square East Side $150
    • West Side $74
    • Whole $200
  • Lincoln Square/Gazebo & Park $400
    • Security Deposit $200

(Restrooms available with park rental)

Electric & PA System available.

  • Lincoln Gazebo $35 for 2 hour period
  • Restrooms available at $15 p/hour.

Park Place in Lincoln Park – click for fact sheet.

Magnano Park

Located at York Street, 1.82 acres. Playground equipment and backstop. One-half basketball court. Playground area is smoke free.

Marcus Park

Located at N. 15th & Sullivan Streets. 3.59 acres. Regulation softball field completely fenced with 8 ft. high outfield fence. Night lighting with dugouts and bleachers. Concession stand with restrooms (summer only), and playground area. Parking in outfield and across the street. Playground area is smoke free.

Oakhill Park

Located at N. 4th & Washington Streets, 5.55 acres. 2 tennis courts and playground area. One-half court basketball area.

War Veterans Park

Located at the corner of East State & Front Streets, 9.28 acres. Located in the park is the Olean Recreation Center. Playground equipment for handicapped and volleyball court,. Pavilion available for rental. Pavilion has electrical outlets and kitchens in both ends. Pavilion and playground area are smoke free.

Rental Fees:

  • One-half  $75.00
  • Whole  $150.00
  • Groups over 300 - $400

Security Deposit $200 (Separate check from Rental – returned if park cleaned.)

Group to take garbage in excess of 6 cans with them or put stickers on bags. Dumpster required for larger groups at their own expense.
Restrooms are open when pool is open – if want longer $15 per hour charge.

Adult Summer Field Rates

Adult User Fee $150 per League
Light Fee $150 per month or $30 per game
Tournament Fee $100 plus lights
High School User Fee $150 per League