Olean Area Transit System

OATS is a public transportation service sponsored by the City of Olean for residents of the City and surrounding areas.

Public Transportation is an open to the public service available for a modest fare, to anyone who would like a ride.  Wheelchair Accessible Service is available on our vehicles, and courteous professional drivers are always at your service.

The Olean Area Transit System operates the following routes:

  • Route 001: OATS Olean City Loop (Monday through Saturday)
  • Route 002: Olean-Salamanca Loop AM & PM (Monday through Saturday)
  • Route 003: Salamanca-Olean AM & PM (Monday through Saturday)
  • Route 004: Olean Downtown Circulator (Monday through Saturday)
  • SBU: Nightly Runs (Monday through Friday while classes are in session)
  • SBU: Late Night Runs

The City of Olean does not discriminate against individuals that may encounter a language barrier in the distribution of documents and materials associated with the Olean Area Transit System. In the occurrence of a situation where an individual has limited English proficiency and the English language is a barrier to the individual’s ability to access information concerning documents and materials associated with the Olean Area Transit System, the City of Olean will arrange for language assistance services to enable a translation of the aforementioned documents for said individual.