Zoning Update Committee

Mission Statement

Guiding Principles

The Olean Zoning Code should be consistent and easy to understand, should help shape future contruction and development, and should enhance and improve Olean's development approval process while encouraging positive development and protecting the character of Olean's neighborhoods based on the Comprehensive Plan.

Create a Vibrant and Diverse Economy

Principle 1 Provide land for industry.
Principle 2 Encourage positive economic investment.
Principle 3 Focus on maintaining and attracting industries with competitive advantage in Olean; attract and retain other emerging industries.
Principle 4 Support rail infrastructure.
Principle 5 Redevelop Brownfield areas.
Principle 6 Promote a sound retail strategy:

  • W. State between downtown and 16th
  • W. State between 20th and City line
  • Downtown
  • Mall Area
  • Hospital area
  • East State Street
Revitalized Central Business District

Principle 7 Flexibility in uses, dimensions, parking; more emphasis on design/compatibility.
Principle 8 Historic Preservation/Adaptive re‐use.
Principle 9 Mixed Use:

  • Retail ground floor preference; no housing on ground floor
  • Upper floor housing

Principle 10 Niche retail, restaurants, accommodations, entertainment.
Principle 11 Sound parking strategy.

Stable, Safe and Attractive Neighborhoods

Principle 12 Buffer areas, especially with nuisance uses.
Principle 13 Neighborhood compatibility for new buildings, additions and renovations.
Principle 14 Encourage new construction and renovations.

Environmental Stewardship

Principle 15 Follow/utilize SEQRA.
Principle 16 Control uses along waterfront and natural areas – views, access, flood control.
Principle 17 Green City.

Good Governance

Principle 18 Encourage new public buildings downtown.
Principle 19 Encourage/require public enhancements with private development projects.
Principle 20 Access management – driveways, curb cuts.
Principle 21 Effective and efficient land use process.

Olean Cooling Center Available June 18 through June 21 June 17, 2024 Olean—William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean, announced that the John J. Ash Community Center will be open on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 through Friday, June 21, 2024 from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. to provide relief from the predicted high temperatures.