What We Do

Responsible for issuing Bingo / Bell Jar licenses and collecting any subsequent fees;

Responsible for issuing Dog Licenses as well as collecting any subsequent fees;

Responsible for collecting payments of City Taxes;

Responsible for collecting parking ticket payments;

Responsible for billing and collecting payment for hangar & parking lot agreements;

Responsible for collecting water bill payments for consumption, new meters, shut-offs and turn-ons;

Responsible for local tax search requests;

Administering, supervising and certifying all City of Olean municipal elections;

Issuing handicap parking permits;

Issuing and collecting payments for transient, vendor, soliciting and peddler licenses;

Coordinates public records requests;

Processes payments for various departments;

Maintains custody and control of the city’s official records, ensure that documents are recorded, filed, and archived properly;

Authenticating and recording official acts of the City;

Maintains all legislative records & documents;

Issues refuse stickers & transfer station tickets.