Mayor’s Press Release – Mayor Aiello Has Established a Charter Review Commission

Mayor Aiello Has Established a Charter Review Commission
January 9, 2024—Olean—William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean, is pleased to announce the appointment of the following residents to the City of Olean Charter Review Commission:

  1. James Griffin, Chairman
  2. Nate Smith, Vice Chairman
  3. Linda Witte, Secretary
  4. Paula Snyder
  5. Ann Kivari
  6. Dennis Pezzimenti
  7. Kris Shewairy
  8. Vernon Robinson
  9. Sonya McCall
  10. Larry Sorokes
  11. Tim Richardson
  12. Paul Gonzalez
  13. Ward Near

The Olean Common Council initiated a discussion about leading a charter review in September 2023. Subsequently, after researching the available procedures in Section 36 of Municipal Home Rule Law, three members of the Council met with Mayor Aiello and asked him to form the commission.

“I am pleased that the Council suggested that the Mayor’s office take on the responsibility of forming the Commission. Of the three legal avenues available, it is the most efficient way to embark on this important process,” Mayor Aiello said. “Olean is a great community and as we look to the future it deserves the best form of government available. I look forward to the working with the Common Council to get the Commission the necessary resources that it needs to move forward on its important task.”

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