Mayor’s Press Release – Mayor Aiello Honors Volunteers

Mayor Aiello Honors City Volunteers Patrick and Kathy Driscoll
Presented a Key to the City of Olean

November 7, 2023–Olean—William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean, held a Volunteer Appreciation Pizza Party at the John J. Ash Community Center on Friday, November 4, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. Numerous volunteers who serve the City were invited to attend. Guests represented the Litter Control Group, the Downtown Olean Beautification Group, the Senior Center and the Bartlett House.

Pat and Kathy Driscoll were presented a key to the City for their dedication and service to Olean especially along North Union Street. As he presented the key, Mayor Aiello said, “When they saw the potential of the gardens, the Driscoll’s worked tirelessly to add beauty and color to the street. I see them frequently on their hands and knees pruning, weeding and doing what it takes to make that median beautiful.”

Mayor Aiello added, “Pat has also served as chairman of the Olean Beautification Committee almost since I started it. Under his leadership, we have gone from constant complaints about the weeds to consistent compliments about the beauty of North Union Street. He recently retired from the committee and we will miss his counsel and expertise.”

Mayor Aiello also recognized volunteer Marcia Nandillon for her long term dedication and service to the City of Olean. Over the past ten years she had enlarged, enhanced and maintained the gardens at the Fannie E. Bartlett House.

Mayor Aiello added, “Olean is a great community and our volunteers work very hard to enhance our quality of life. From organizing activities at the Bartlett House and Senior Center to working our gardens and keeping our streets clean, Olean is a much better place because of their hard work and commitment. On behalf of the Common Council and the residents of Olean, I offer our thanks and appreciation for a job well done.”

Photo ID Volunteer of the Year (LtoR):  Mayor Aiello, Kathy Driscoll and Pat Driscoll.

Photo ID Volunteer of the Year (LtoR):  Mayor Aiello, Kathy Driscoll and Pat Driscoll.


Photo ID Marcia Nandillon Cert:  Mayor Aiello, Marcia Nandillon and David Deckman.

Photo ID Marcia Nandillon Cert:  Mayor Aiello, Marcia Nandillon and David Deckman.