OFD Press Release 9/1/2023 Prospect Avenue Shed Fire

City Of Olean Fire Department Press Release

915 Prospect Avenue Shed Fire

Olean Fire Department units were dispatched at 12:52pm for a shed fire at 915 Prospect Avenue. Engine 42 and 41 arrived on scene within 4 minutes of dispatch. There was fire and black smoke coming from the shed. It was reported that there was 2 lawn mowers inside as well as gasoline cans, propane tank and lithium batteries. The siding was melting on the 2 neighboring exposures. OPD moved a vehicle that was between the shed and neighboring home. E-42 crew stretched a handline and extinguished the bulk of the fire. They then repositioned and extinguished the remaining fire. Another crew made entry in to the neighboring exposures to check for heat and fire. None was found. Crews then performed overhaul to find and extinguish hot spots throughout the melted remnants in the shed. The exact cause of the fire is being handled by the Fire Investigation Team.

Fortunately the residents were home, noticed the fire and called 911. The fire intensified rapidly due to the contents in the shed. Crews were able to extinguish the fire before any more damage was done to the 2 neighboring exposures.

The City of Olean Fire Department would like to remind all citizens to call 911 in the case of a fire and not to try and extinguish even a small fire themselves before doing so.

Stay safe,

Lieutenant Brian Livoto
Fire Chief Eric Maurouard