Leaf Collection

2023 Leaf Collection


The FIRST ROUND of leaf collection is still ongoing and anticipated to be completed during the week of November 6, 2023.  We will begin a second round immediately following completion of the first round. 

Leaves only (no tree limbs, branches, ornamental grass, or potted plants) will be collected from the pavement and loaded mechanically into dump trucks for removal.

The order of collection will be as follows:

  • Areas east of North and South Union Street to the Olean Creek and Allegheny River.
  • West Olean from Union Street to the west City line, south of West Sullivan Street.
  • The immediate area north of West Sullivan Street including areas along Wayne Street, Coleman Street, and cross streets.
  • North Olean
  • Boardmanville Area
  • South Olean
  • East Olean

We are unable to provide an exact date for the 2nd round.  Simply place leaves to curb and we will collect as quickly as possible.  The public should refrain from parking vehicles on such streets anticipating a collection.

Department of Public Works

Phone: (716) 376-5650
Email: [email protected]