Street Sweeping Schedule

2023 Street Sweeping Schedule

Sweeping Schedule - Alternate View

The standing or parking of vehicles upon the streets of the city shall be prohibited from May 15 until October 15, according to the following biweekly schedule:

(1) No parking shall be permitted from 2:00 am until 7:00 am on the following streets in the city,

WEEK A (Starting May 15th):

Sunday Night/Monday Morning – Center St, School St, Genesee St; Inwood Dr; Woodview Ave; Woodview Ct; Oviatt St; Hamilton Ave; Euclid Ave; VanBuren Ave; Willow St; Rosedale Terr; E & W Baldwin Ave; Madison Ave; Delaware Ave (from N Union St to Olean Creek); Root St; E Connell St; Brookview Ave; Gardiner Ave; E & W Forest Ave; E & W Water St; E & W Elm St; E & W Oak St; E Pine St; Thorn St; W Arland Ave; Highland Terr; Stardust Ln; Skyview Dr; Satellite Cir; Gemini Dr.

Monday Night/Tuesday Morning – Higgins Ave; N 4th St (from Wayne St to Spruce St); Spruce St; N 1st St (from Wayne St to N Union St); N Union St (from N 1st St to end); Keating Ave; Maple St; Walnut St; River St (from E Forest Ave to Pine St); Martin St; N Barry St (from Main St to Delaware Ave); Main St; Front St (from Main St to School St); Fifth Ave; Fourth Ave; Third Ave; Second Ave; First Ave; Fairview Ave.

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning – Wayne Street; Buffalo St (from 12th St to City line); Homer St; Fountain St; Johnson St; Franklin St; Coleman St;; N 5th St (from Wayne to dead end); N 6th St (from Wayne to dead end); N 7th St (from Wayne to dead end); N 8th St (from Wayne to dead end).

Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning – N Barry St (E State to dead end); S Barry St; N Clinton St; S Clinton St; Fulton St; E Riverside Dr (from S Union to end of curbing); Indiana Ave; Bradley Dr; Carolina St; Vermont St; Virginia St; E & W Ohio St; York St; Garfield Ct; Grant Ct; Monroe Terr; W Riverside Dr; Martha Ave.; N 1st St (from State to Wayne); S 1st St; N & S 2nd St; N & S 3rd St; N 4th St (from State to Reed); S 4th St. (from State St to Green St)

WEEK B (Starting May 22Nd)

Sunday Night/Monday Morning – Front St; (from School St to E State St); Prospect Ave; Grandview Ave; Seneca Ave; Garden Ave; Bishop St; Griffin St; Plum St; Goodrich Ave; Brook St; Prince St; Crown St (from Queen to King); Bell St; Delaware Ave (from Queen to Gulf); Kingston Dr; Division St; E Spring St.

Monday Night/Tuesday Morning – Rowland Ave; Hoop St; Grossman Ave; Osgood Ave; Jefferson St; Richmond Ave; Niagara St; N & S Clark St; Orchard Ave; Chestnut St; King St; Queen St; Alder St; Stowell Ave; Duke St; Charles St; James St.

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning – Worden Ave; Winters Ave; N & S 5th; N & S 6th; N & S 7th; N & S 8th; N & S 9th; N & S 10th St; N & S 11th St; N & S 12th St; Putnam St (between 11th St and 12th St); N & S 13th St; N & S 14th St; N 15th St; S 16th St; N & S 17th St; N & S 18th St; N & S 19th St; N 20th St; N 21st St; N 24th St; S 25th St; S 26th St.

Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning – Whitney Ave; Reed St (from 7th St to 13th St); W Sullivan St; Laurens St; Washington St; Buffalo St (from Washington St to Wayne St); W Henley St; Irving St; W Greene St; Hamilton St; Tompkins St; Laurel Ave; Times Sq; South St; E Henley St; E Greene St; Adams St; Franchot Blvd.

(2) No parking or standing of vehicles shall be permitted between 3:00 am. to 6:00 am. Monday through Saturday on N & S Union St. (between South City Line and Main St.), West State St., and East State St. (from East City line to 15th St)