Street Sweeping Schedule

2024 Street Sweeping Schedule

Sweeping Schedule - Alternate View

The standing or parking of vehicles upon the streets of the city shall be prohibited from May 15 until October 15, according to the following biweekly schedule:

(1) No parking shall be permitted from 2:00 am until 7:00 am on the following streets in the city,

WEEK A (Starting May 15th):

Sunday Night/Monday Morning – Center St, School St, Genesee St; Inwood Dr; Woodview Ave; Woodview Ct; Oviatt St; Hamilton Ave; Euclid Ave; VanBuren Ave; Willow St; Rosedale Terr; E & W Baldwin Ave; Madison Ave; Delaware Ave (from N Union St to Olean Creek); Root St; E Connell St; Brookview Ave; Gardiner Ave; E & W Forest Ave; E & W Water St; E & W Elm St; E & W Oak St; E Pine St; Thorn St; W Arland Ave; Highland Terr; Stardust Ln; Skyview Dr; Satellite Cir; Gemini Dr.

Monday Night/Tuesday Morning – Higgins Ave; N 4th St (from Wayne St to Spruce St); Spruce St; N 1st St (from Wayne St to N Union St); N Union St (from N 1st St to end); Keating Ave; Maple St; Walnut St; River St (from E Forest Ave to Pine St); Martin St; N Barry St (from Main St to Delaware Ave); Main St; Front St (from Main St to School St); Fifth Ave; Fourth Ave; Third Ave; Second Ave; First Ave; Fairview Ave.

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning – Wayne Street; Buffalo St (from 12th St to City line); Homer St; Fountain St; Johnson St; Franklin St; Coleman St;; N 5th St (from Wayne to dead end); N 6th St (from Wayne to dead end); N 7th St (from Wayne to dead end); N 8th St (from Wayne to dead end).

Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning – N Barry St (E State to dead end); S Barry St; N Clinton St; S Clinton St; Fulton St; E Riverside Dr (from S Union to end of curbing); Indiana Ave; Bradley Dr; Carolina St; Vermont St; Virginia St; E & W Ohio St; York St; Garfield Ct; Grant Ct; Monroe Terr; W Riverside Dr; Martha Ave.; N 1st St (from State to Wayne); S 1st St; N & S 2nd St; N & S 3rd St; N 4th St (from State to Reed); S 4th St. (from State St to Green St)

WEEK B (Starting May 19th)

Sunday Night/Monday Morning – Front St; (from School St to E State St); Prospect Ave; Grandview Ave; Seneca Ave; Garden Ave; Bishop St; Griffin St; Plum St; Goodrich Ave; Brook St; Prince St; Crown St (from Queen to King); Bell St; Delaware Ave (from Queen to Gulf); Kingston Dr; Division St; E Spring St.

Monday Night/Tuesday Morning – Rowland Ave; Hoop St; Grossman Ave; Osgood Ave; Jefferson St; Richmond Ave; Niagara St; N & S Clark St; Orchard Ave; Chestnut St; King St; Queen St; Alder St; Stowell Ave; Duke St; Charles St; James St.

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning – Worden Ave; Winters Ave; N & S 5th; N & S 6th; N & S 7th; N & S 8th; N & S 9th; N & S 10th St; N & S 11th St; N & S 12th St; Putnam St (between 11th St and 12th St); N & S 13th St; N & S 14th St; N 15th St; S 16th St; N & S 17th St; N & S 18th St; N & S 19th St; N 20th St; N 21st St; N 24th St; S 25th St; S 26th St.

Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning – Whitney Ave; Reed St (from 7th St to 13th St); W Sullivan St; Laurens St; Washington St; Buffalo St (from Washington St to Wayne St); W Henley St; Irving St; W Greene St; Hamilton St; Tompkins St; Laurel Ave; Times Sq; South St; E Henley St; E Greene St; Adams St; Franchot Blvd.

(2) No parking or standing of vehicles shall be permitted between 3:00 am. to 6:00 am. Monday through Saturday on N & S Union St. (between South City Line and Main St.), West State St., and East State St. (from East City line to 15th St)

Olean Cooling Center Available June 18 through June 21 June 17, 2024 Olean—William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean, announced that the John J. Ash Community Center will be open on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 through Friday, June 21, 2024 from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. to provide relief from the predicted high temperatures.